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OSCam svn11.456 Emu -r784

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OSCam svn11.456 Emu -r784

Messaggioda michele01 » sab 12 gen 2019, 21:22

ImmagineOSCam svn11.456 Emu -r784 Immagine

OSEMU GIT Repository history

[fix] Better stream type detection for PowerVu channels

- This is probably the last fix regarding the stream type detection.

-- The identification of each stream type (video, audio, subtitle) is now based on the "descriptors" included in the PMT (when this is necessary) and not only on the "Stream_type".

-- If you still have some channels that don't have audio or video, or some audio stream are not working, it is almost certain that it is not the OSCam-Emu's fault. In anyway, it won't harm if you post an issue in the github.
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