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Messaggioda michele01 » dom 12 giu 2016, 13:02

Immagine BlackHole-3.0.2B-DM800-Sim2-SSl84D-20160606-Marwen.rar.Immagine

- New gstreamer recipes based on christophecvr's github (small changes for PLi4) - Upgrade glib2.0 and some other components like gobject-introspection to satisfy the new gstreamer recipes - gstreamer1.0-libav is built using it's minimal libav with only support for wma (thank you chris) - Full ffmpeg 3.0.1 package is in the feeds for use with IPTV Player's exteplayer3 (thx to Taapat for the original bbappend) Login with telnet and issue: opkg update && opkg install ffmpeg - Latest openpli-oe-core changes - Latest enigma2 changes Note: servicemp3 still uses gstreamer *Skin default Darkstar blue *ADD Blackhole font size settings *ADD IPK uninstall *better picon managment *ADD Buffer indicator to Skin default.xml *Skin display.xml patched to add better StandbySummary *ADD BlackholeAddons V1.6
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