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Messaggioda michele01 » lun 2 mar 2020, 21:24



SatDreamGr images update 27-02-2020


git log --since="YYYY-MM-DD" --until "today" --no-merges --oneline

Enigma2 Changes:


$ git log --since="2020-02-15" --until "today" --no-merges --onelinec86502f [SystemInfo] LnbPowerAlwaysOn Add Uno 4K SE0bda094 Add debug output to listbox python buildfunc callsb7bebc4 ImportChannels: Use twisted to import channels/epg instead of urllib03eee7a EPGCache - sanity fixes in startEPG8c1e7a8 Revert "eEPGCache: Try to make load/save epg.dat thread prove"1ba73d2 Console: Solve GSOD when system call was interrupted296e61d Scan: Keep order of last scanned userbouquet as scanned9d9cc35 eEPGCache: Try to make load/save epg.dat thread prove016f80d update hu.po9a655e2 Updated Croatian translation (thanks zeljko2)035feb0 [] Small tweak to cmdline processinga6b5bed Updated all .po files and Greek translationf3dc06b Reworked string2980fdb update cs.po57a3188 [] Restore previous cmdline processingb6098f3 FlashImage - fixed slot index in test339f518 [] PEP8 and other cleanups

oe morty sdg6:


git log --since="2020-02-15" --until "today" --no-merges --oneline8b7a343 Synced "menu.xml" with latest openpli changesec6a668 greeknetradio: update recipe

Upgrade from enigma2 menu->setup->software managment->online update

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