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PREMIUM 12800 PLUS_V1_11_12060_04072024

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PREMIUM 12800 PLUS_V1_11_12060_04072024

Messaggioda michele01 » dom 7 lug 2024, 16:45

ImmaginePREMIUM 12800 PLUS_V1_11_12060_04072024 Immagine


What's new in the software for Premium 12800, 12900 devices

1- Fix Power Vu encryption system. ✅

2- Add the “Keep Channel name” feature in the system settings. ✅

3- Add SNR next to frequency in antenna tuning

4- Fix Find menu, numbers 11, 12, 13 not appearing in the menu.

5- Added the Select Patch channel color feature to select a color for channels that work with Biss, Power VU, and Tandbreg.

6- Fix EPG icon in info bar. ✅

7- Fixed the HUD icon in the channel list that was disappearing when stopping on the channel. ✅

8- Change the size of the signal lines in the signal enlargement, now they are wide. ✅

9- Fixed the coloring of new channels while searching. ✅

10- Change the color of the code to green. ✅

11- Add SNR and BER to CHMax info bar. ✅

12- Fix the signal in the CHMAX channel list. ✅

13- In the time setting list add GMT+05:00 Islamabad + some other times. ✅
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