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VTi "Vu+ Team Image Solo 4K" - V 9.0.2 - 19.01.2016

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VTi "Vu+ Team Image Solo 4K" - V 9.0.2 - 19.01.2016

Messaggioda michele01 » gio 25 feb 2016, 23:20

ImmagineVTi "Vu+ Team Image Solo 4K" - V 9.0.2 - 19.01.2016 Immagine

VTi Panel (Blue Button)

Supported languages:
English, German, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Danish, Polish,
Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Arabic, French, Swedish,
Portuguese (Portugal), Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian

With modular, flexible VTi Skin: Atile HD
VTi Bootlogos and Radiomode Logo.
Short press on blue button opens VTi Panel, long press opens Pluginmenu
Support for FTDI chipset cardreader like smargo and easymouse2
Running Softcam shown in the Infobar
MovieList with extended functions
Support for full image backup and restore (not Vu+ Solo 4K)
Supports VTi image flash online (not Vu+ Solo 4K)
Restore Plugins, Bouquets, Settings, etc. during installation
Remove preinstalled packages during installation (VTi Zero)










19.01.2016 - Software Update VTi 9.0.2
- increase image version: VTi 9.0.2
- update drivers (2016-01-19) (solo4k)

support Chromium OS
fix DiSEqC problem
improve power consumption
fix misc.

- add Chromium OS to image (including YouTube TV) (solo4k)
- update dvbapp2 (2016-01-17)

keep compatibility for extra headers in stream urls
MovieList: improve handling when leaving movie
MovieList: add option to hide entries
when start dir is set to all or new movies
Timeshift: add separate menu: Menu>VTi>Setup - Timeshift
Timeshift: map button STOP to live TV (timeshift recording is still in progress)
Timeshift: map button STOP LONG to stop timeshift
Timeshift: add -- # وصلة ممنوعة 1778 # -- to transform timeshift to regular recording (Please note: short outage in TS file at transforming timestamp)
Common: add global option for dvbapp2 debug output
Menu>VTi>Setup - System
Common: support EPG and picons for 4097 services (e.g IP>TV)
Common: support recording of 4097 services (e.g IP>TV) -> THX @betacentauri
Common: fix handling of http timeout at streams
Common: fix button EXIT when infobar animation is enabled
EPG: add option to blacklist services for DVB EPG (EIT) updates
EPG: support for adding extra data to EPG events

- add plugin epgshare THX @einfall (ver. 0.01 20160117)
- add plugin tinyfoscamviewer (ver. 1.0)
- readd plugin mediatombplugin (ver. 1.0-r5)
- update plugin autoframerate

fix switching to 24p mode

- update plugin camofs (ver. 10.01)
- update plugin devicemanager2 (ver. 1.7)

fix partitioning for some devices

- update plugin graphicalmultiepg

support button mappings
support custom picon folder

- update plugin infobartunerstate (ver. 3.0.1 20160108)
- update plugin lcd4linux (ver. 4.7.-r2)
- update plugin multiquickbutton (ver. 2.7.14-r6)
- update plugin openwebif

switch to standby when transcoding starts (solo4k)

- update plugin picturecenterfs (ver. 7.03)
- update plugin seriesplugin (ver. 4.5.0 20151221)
- update plugin webradiofs (ver. 13.57)
- update skin atile (ver. 4.2-r0)
- update skin mutespectator (ver. 2.8)
- update skin stylefhd (ver. 2016-01-11)
- update opera hbbtv (2015-12-22) (ultimo,uno,duo,solo,zero,duo2,solo2,solose)
- update transtreamproxy</itemtext>

support infobartunerstate plugin

- update vtipanel (ver. 3.36)</itemtext>

add favourites list loader (see forum for howto)
Menu>Setup>Service Searching

- add package jpegtran-cffi
- remove xbmc from image (solo4k,duo2,solo2,solose)
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