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Messaggioda michele01 » lun 24 feb 2020, 21:34



New drivers :

Izibox Eco Twin HD :
def gcc is ok
fix image flashing paths.
Octagon SF8008 :
improve the motor control and recovery menu.
Vuplus Duo 4k : Limit the PiP window size up to the one fourth of the main window

- New support for Gigablue X3 4K

- New support for Edision OS Mío 4k+ and OS Mini 4k. Coming soon..

- Fix Mytube

- Kodi : fix error with Palantir addon or similar wich work with thumbnails.

- New bitrate support for BlackSPA and MetrixJR1080.

- Fix full backup for Hitube 4k, H9combo y H9Twin.

- Add Gioppygio picons and channel lists to Extra Panel.

- Add Picons-3D-Ant-Edicion by pelajustrana.

- Add epg download from deep standby.

- Add sthetic improvements for epg download.

- Add ntfs-3g by default to receivers with limited flash.

- Updated xupnpd.

- Update rclone to last release.

- New Bootlogo, thanks to elduque.

User : root

Pass : openspa

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